Monday, July 01, 2013

Foger Liberated!

Forces operating under Slatin Pasha today defeated a Rebel force which issued from the Zareba surrounding the small hamlet of Foger.

Led by their Sheik, Squali'id Ali, the three units of Ansar and one of Jehadiy'ya riflemen moved smartly to attack Slatin's two Egyptian Companies and his single gun. The Egyptian troops immediately deployed into a firing line with their gun between them and advanced slowly, making all the while a steady fire that bowled over the Mahdists in hordes.

Still, on came Allah's warriors until the point was met where human flesh and will could do no more against that storm of steel and lead. The last men on their feet among the human wreckage could do no more; and when they retired it was with an air more of injured dignity and one of terror-struck flight.

Upon entering Foga, two turns' supplies were liberated by the jubilant Egyptian troops.

That was the first outing of the rules as they currently stand.

Lessons learned:

*I am going to either reduce the deadliness of the musketry rules or increase the size of the Mahdist units. They melt away so fast that the 50% rule carries tem off after taking about 2 rounds of shooting.
* The Jehadiy'ya need to be able to shoot at long range if even only they score a 6 on a D6 to cause a casualty.
*Terrain would have been a good idea to allow the Mahdists to make their approach march at least partly under cover!

I'll mull this over and update the rules tomorrow.

UPDATE - The rules have been modified in the light of this games' experience. Take a look and if you are so moved, leave a comment.

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