Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Move 1 Continues. The Western Sudan.

El Obeid. Western Sudan.

Slatin's force moves off to liberate El Fasher. It's first waypoint is Foga. Remembering that the RI of the area is 6, they will be attacked considering that a 2 is rolled.

As the difference between the RI and the dice roll of 4, the Egyptians will face four enemy units. I then roll for unit type. A 5, a 6 a 3 and a 5. This equates to three units of Ansar and one of Jehadiy'ya Riflemen.

Rolling then for the type of engagement, I roll a 5. This is the pre-generated Scenario that arises:

Dervish attack on an Egyptian column.
Attacking a column: The Egyptian force enters one edge of the table and moves to the approximate center, with transport animals. They can be in square or column formation. Dervishes enter in an L-formation from the opposite edge and one side. Egyptians win by holding the field or by getting at least half their transport off the forward table edge.

UPDATE: This will be played out over the weekend. Anyone interested in giving general orders to the Mahdists?

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