Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Move 2 Begins

Good morning again!

Kicking off move 2, we need to rol only one revolt index - South Sudan has not yet revolted and thus may be rolled for this time. You will recall that there was a RI of 2. If I roll this or less the region will be in revolt.

I roll a 1.

Now I roll for suprise captures of Garrison Towns.

These are Khartoum, El Dueim, Jebeleirl and Fashoda.

The basic chance for a surprise attack to capture a garrison town equals the regions’ revolt index. This is modified as follows:

-1 per company beyond the first stationed in the town
-1 town is Wadi Halfa, Suakin, or El Obeid
-3 town is Khartoum

You will recall that only Khartoum is heavily garrisoned, but no troops are stationed in any of the other towns. Bit of an oversight, that. I will need to roll three or better for El Dueim, Jebeleirl and Fashoda.

I roll a 5, a 2 and a 3. Jebeleirl has been taken by surprise. Khartoum is beseiged. It has 5 Moves of Supply.

UPDATE: I have added a new Map to the "Maps" page showing the situation at the start of move Two.

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