Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Move 1 Wrap Up

Good morning!

AsI said before signing off yesterday, today I will be wrapping up this the first of our campaign moves.

We shall be examining the following matters: Supply, Revolt Indexes, Victory Points and Reinforcements.

So, first to Supply. When we started the move wqe determined which areas were in revolt and how much "Supply" was available to each of the beseiged Garrisons. we came up with the following:

Western Sudan
El Obeid. Supplies for 4 moves.,

Eastern Sudan
All Garrisons succumbed to surprise attacks when the revolt broke out.

Northern Sudan. 
Abu Hamed. Supplies for 7 moves So far so good, eh?
Berber. 5 moves of supply.
Atbara. I have 5 moves worth of supplies laid in.

Not too bad, eh? It gets somewhat better, too. After the incidents and accidents of combat:

Western Sudan 
El Obeid. Supplies for 6 moves.

Eastern Sudan
The newly-arrived British Expeditionary force brought 4 moves' Supply with them.

Northern Sudan.
Abu Hamed. Supplies for 10 moves So far so good, eh?
Berber. 8 moves of supply.
Atbara. I have 7 moves worth of supplies laid in.

Next we come to the calculation of Revolt Indexes.

At the start of the game they stood thus:

Southern Sudan, 4
Eastern Sudan, 4
Western Sudan, 6
Northern Sudan, 2

Now we apply the following modifiers:
+1 each garrison town in the region captured by surprise or abandoned by garrison
+1 each battle won in the region by Mahdists
-1 each battle won in the region by Anglo-Egyptians
+1 Khartoum fell this turn (affects all regions)
+1 any adjacent region’s index went up because of battles or captured towns
-1 any adjacent regions’ index went down by two points or more because of battles or captured towns

Southern Sudan, 4 all that can be applied here is a -2 for the battles won in East and West Sudan. RI is 2
Eastern Sudan, 4, +3 for captured garrison towns, -1 for the "win" at Suakin for the British.. RI is 6.
Western Sudan, 6, +2 for captured garrison towns, -1 for the Battle won at Foga by the Egyptians. RI is 7.
Northern Sudan, 2. No garrison towns captured. -3 for "wins" at Abu Hamed, Berber and Atbara. . RI is 0. South Sudan is pacified after an abortive revolt that garnered little support. East andd West Sudan must take their RI down a point as a result of the 2+ point reduction in North Sudan's RI.

Final Revolt Indexes:
Southern Sudan, 2
Eastern Sudan, 5
Western Sudan, 6
Northern Sudan, 0

A good result, all things considered.
Next we look at Victory Points.

The end of the first Move sees the Garrison Towns of El Fasher (5), Dara (5), Kassala (5) and Trinkitat (5) in the hands of the Mahdists. This gives them a total of 20 Victory Points. It's a long haul if they need to get to 400.

For the Egyptians, the game ends when all four regions are out of revolt or after 20 turns, whichever comes first.

Lastly we turn, faithful reader, to the matter of Reinforcements. Rolling a 5, I elect to have more British units from my pool arrive at Aswan to begin the long march South. They will consist of three infantry Units, a Cavalry Unit and a gun. Remaining in the reserve are the Naval Brigade and a Nordenfeldt.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

An interesting first turn. Looking at the low numbers of Mahdists generated, do they stay once generated so that their forces build up over time if not pacified?

Old School ACW said...

Hi Ross,

They are theoretically infinite (well, a maximum of 14 units at Khartoum) and get rolled up every time you have a fight. Their numbers will increase if the RI increases but they do not stay generated.

I hope they lift their game a bit and get on with revolting!

I ought to do some photos asap.