Friday, July 05, 2013

Move 2, The Western Sudan

Foga. January 1882.
Slatins' men advance on Foga, methodically slaughtering all before them.
Having won the fight there and pausing only to liberate supplies, Slatin's men press on to El Fasher.

Slatin's force moves off to liberate El Fasher.  Remembering that the RI of the area remains 6, they will be attacked, no matter what. All that remains is to determine the number and kind of the enemy and the nature of the engagement.

I rolled a 4. El Fasher is a Garrison town, worth 5 VP, so I deduct one from my die roll, resulting in a three - the difference between this and the RI is 3 and therefore the number of basic units I will face.

Knowing this, I selected and cast three D6. A 5, another 5 and a 2. A quick consultation over the appropriate table: two Units of Ansar, then, and some cavalry (in my case this will be camelry!).

Dear reader, I then rolled a 2 for the encounter type:

Egyptian Attack on a Defended Town or Zeriba.
The town will be along the banks of the river or built around a well or standing pool. It will have defenses of some sort: rifle pits/trenches, a zeriba, or stone/mud walls. The Dervishes have one artillery piece per three basic Dervish units. These can be 12-pdr smoothbores or 9-pdr breech-loaders, at the referee’s discretion. The Anglo-Egyptians win by driving the Dervishes out of the town.

Hard fighting ahead for Slatin! 

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