Initial Deployment

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I have made my initial deployments. They are as follows:

The British expeditionary force will start at Wadi Halfa with an eye on waiting on the troops at Abu Hamed to get the Desert Railway built.

At Abu Hamed proper are stationed I and II Companies of the Fourth Regiment with a Steamer.

At Berber are 4th/III and IV companies.

Moving South to Atbara we have the III and IV Companies of the Third Regiment with a gun, a Nordenfeldt and II/5th Cavalry.

The East is lightly held and I fear for their ability to hold on at Suakin for there are only two companies of the 4th there. Muhammed Tawfiq Bey commands here.

In the highly restive Western Sudan, stationed at El Obeid are two companies of the 2nd Regiment and a battery of guns. I can only hope that Slatin Pasha can hold out.

The balance of our forces are at Khartoum. These being the whole of the First Regiment, the Second and Third companies of the 2nd, II/5th Cavalry, a Krupp, a Nordenfeldt and a steamer.

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